Thursday 30 October 2014

Distance is zero

(Supratim Pal rides in and around Kolkata with fellow cyclists for years. He narrates why Kolkata was essential on the international cycling map to promote the sports. Pix: Prateek Singh)

Hyderabad: 1456 km
Delhi: 1464 km
Nashik: 1833 km
Pune: 1889 km

We, a bunch of eight, chose Hyderabad — just not because it was nearer than the rest but also its topography was a test for our passion and prowess. 

We love cycling, which may not be our religion though unlike many others but this is what we just love from the core of our heart. Our friends feel we are eccentric. Our family members think we are vagabond. Our bosses think we hardly need any salary hike, as we, the poor fellows, ride bicycles, not drive Mercs!

But we still love cycling — in all its manifestations. In our group, we have riders of all types — mountain-bikers, stunt-bikers, performance riders, endurance riders, weekend riders, leisure riders, city riders, commuters... and what-nots.

And, to chase our passion, we can go anywhere... we can ride anywhere... we just need time to hop onto the saddle. The rest, as they don't say, is not history but future. We, the passionate youths of Kolkata, are simply the future. We ride together, we pick a fight together, we have our brunch together, we laugh together, we chase our dream together. We are the unity.

As we are on the brink of starting a new ACP-Brevet year on November 1, 2014, we  promise to contribute everything in us to make the sport a successful one in this part of the country. Forget Kolkata, no other city east of Delhi could hardly think of bringing brevet to the City of Joy. 

United was our effort, united we will succeed. We may not need to travel around 1500 km to prove our achievement, we have brought the distance down to zero. Dreams, sometimes, don't drag on but reduces distances — geographical, physical and mental.

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